Inspecteur Gustave Grenouille (2022)

Pixar’s Story Xperiental Programm – Fall 2022

Inspecteur Gustave Grenouille

Meet Gustave Grenouille, a detective like no other. Born a frog, and with a sad and tumultuous past, Gustave has risen to become the leading detective in the Woodland Village. His sharp mind and keen sense of justice have helped him solve countless crimes, both big and small. But just when he thinks he’s seen it all, an extraordinary case falls into his lap, one that will challenge everything he thought he knew.

Gustave’s sharp wit and determination will be put to the test as he delves deeper into the mystery, uncovering hidden truths and facing dangerous adversaries. As you join him on this thrilling journey, you’ll be moved by his personal struggles and the weight of his past. This is a detective story like no other, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you cheering for Gustave as he rises to the challenge of solving his biggest case yet.

Story crafted during the course of Pixar’s Story Xperiental Programm of Fall 2022.